Applying the first layer of paint – from Genesis One!


A few months ago I percieved that I should be painting with light.

I had no idea what it meant, but I had the distinct feeling that it was my Loving Father who was about to reveal something to me – so I sat quietly and waited for Him to say more.

I did not have long to wait.

Genesis 1:3 God said “Let there be light …”

The Hebrew for light is Aleph Vav Resh and sounds like Ore.

It is important to know that this word came from the lips of YHWH and was ‘said’ for the benefit of His future creation who would later read the verse – and then scratch their heads as they pondered as to what kind of light He was bringing into being (notice that YHWH did not “make” the light … it came into being … that is, it entered space and time – from somewhere else). So let us see where this goes.

The predominant character Vav means that “light” was to be an everlasting commitment on the Fathers behalf offered to all humanity, the Father would “pitch His tent” with us (this implies that The Father would dwell with us … the ancient rabbi’s called it the Shekhinah Glory … but that is for the next blog?).

Aleph is the Father Himself exercising power and authority by offering us to be yoked to Him, and in doing so we would receive intimacy, teaching, insight, and wisdom from Him.

Resh is that which is of fundamental importance – being the first … and which comes from the very depths of God’s ‘thoughts’ towards us.

Then YHWH says something very interesting in the next verse.

Genesis 1:4 “God saw that the light was good …”

Interesting because Jesus once responded to an observation with “Why do you call me good? No-one is good except God alone.” (Luke 18:19). So why is it that the Father declares that the Light that entered space and time is good – unless it has a direct connection with Him? That suggests that this light that YHWH manifested on Earth was from Himself and of Himself. It was a goodly light, or I would prefer to say – a Godly Light … or even more precise – the light of the Glory of God!

Then, more intriguing is that Jesus also said “I am the Light of the world” John 8:12. Now I do not know about you, but I am very happy to see these two “light” declarations – one from the Father, and one from the Son – as meaning the same light!

And there is more … almost definitely Jesus spoke to His disciples in Aramaic, and the Aramaic for “light” is Nar-he-rue … nun hey yod resh vav … which can also be found in Daniel 2:22 and 5:11. Amazingly, the Daniel references point to “light” being the light of wisdom and insight. This puts a whole new slant upon the Genesis verse.

And I cannot resist adding a few words from the wonderful poetry of the apocryphal book The Wisdom of Solomon 7:26 … here the writer is describing Wisdom herself:

For she is a reflection of eternal light,
a spotless mirror of the working of God,
and an image of his goodness.

This is another aspect of that light … reflected light? The Hebrews call it the Chozeh light (pronounced “Khozeh” with the kh being a “clearing of the throat” kind of sound). You will find this word in numerous places in the Bible translated to the English “seer”, the first being 2 Samuel 24:11 … but for now I need to let this paint application dry – until the next blog …

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Worship in lines 2


How’s this for a specific instruction/movement/narrative/prophecy over a short period of time:

Last week I was continuing my research into the practical and personal supernatural application of Jesus the Light/Word into my environment. Sometime during the week I became compelled to read Genesis 1 (especially the first few verses) … in ancient Hebrew! So I began … and got as far as “In the beginning” … in fact it was just a case of looking into the word “Begin”. Then things became somewhat abstract – starting with the root for “begin” which is “roache” meaning “to shake” … inexplicable ideas began to form in my mind about the historical idea of YHWH ‘shaking’ an unknowable reality into space and time – and light being the catalyst.

I took these vague notions to our home church and began to participate, with pencil in hand, in beautiful worship. It was a truly blessed time with the presence of Yeshua being felt strongly by a number of us.

Then different things were shared – and the main sharing/teaching was based upon 1 John 1:5-9 “walking in the light”!

I would like to be able to verbalize what was going on in my head but words seem inadequate … all I can say is that I was feeling a strong exhortation swimming around in my head whilst my hands began to produce this image.

Yet, whilst the sense of chaotic abstract frustrated any possibility of speaking coherently (yes – I do speak in tongues but that is for another time – and an interpreter is available), a number of “words” manifested themselves within me … “a past shaking (as in Genesis), “a present shaking” (as in the supernatural manifesting around the world now!), “a future shaking” (as in the creation of the New Heavens and the New Earth – outside of time!!) … “walking in the light – now” … “living by the Truth” … the supernatural purifying blood – of the Light!

… AND somewhere in here is a specific prophecy – ie something that is happening now, or is about to happen … the secret of it is in the Hebrew word Roache (which is Resh Aleph Shin – Aleph is the execution of the highest power and authority/Resh is being first and is the act of thinking (I would say Elohims dynamic thoughts)/Shin is most definitely the cutting away the flesh from the Spirit OW! … if that does not shake anyone then I do not know what will!

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Worship in lines (again!)


My apologies to those who are receiving this blog for the second time … there is a reason for this which I will not explain here (because it is too frustrating!) – but I will explain it if you ask me … if you really want to know about ‘fun’ with new software!!

An amazingly challenging moment in worship. I would even say that there was an abstract sense of the supernatural gently enveloping each worshipper.

It was a beautiful moment and yet at the same time I felt like a rusty machine being bathed in some kind of acidic bath of cleansing! … And I wanted more!

This drawing was a heartfelt search amid the conditioning and the temptations and the slippery deceptions to find the authentic… kind like Deuteronomy 4:29 – within its context too!!

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#Worship in progress – Let there be light – #wip 12


This was yet another strange situation in which it seemed that my loving Father moved me to apply lines on paper during a gathering that would appear to represent an event … before it happened!

After I began my mark making the event began to unfold during a time of sharing – mainly about the birth of Yeshua. Basically speaking a slight disharmony manifested itself during our time together … and it took the whole of the ‘service’ with some prayer, counselling and discussion afterwards to resolve it … which we did – with some truly wonderful interventions from the Ruah ha’Qodesh (Holy Spirit).

Later, as I began to work into the drawing I found myself revelling in the words of YHWH “Let there be light!” (Genesis 1:3) and Yeshua’s words “I am the Light of the world!” (John 8:12). This excited me so much – but it also seemed to somehow be relevant to the struggle we just experienced … not that we know if our Elohim struggled to produce light … but the drawing began to illustrate 1. The abstract/supernatural/perhaps explosive obedience of light coming into being – at YHWH’s command 2. The struggle to find ‘light’ (eventually with success) in our various arguments 3. Weirdly, the drawing also seemed to speak to me of the cataclysmic nature of the experimental work at CERN … which I really think boils down to humans unsuccessful attempts at emulating God.

The beauty of all this is that our beautiful Creator is keeping His promise of leading everything to perfection – which is seen in Yeshua … the Light of the World!

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#Worship in progress #wip 11


For a number of days now I have sensed a kind of ‘movement’ around me, a bit like someone waving a flag in front of me. This has been more acute when I am on my own.

This drawing was begun in a small intimate group worshipping (about nine of us) … and the ‘movement’ became apparent again during this lovely time of surrender.

However, when I added the detail later, when I was on my own, I received an incredible ‘something’ … first of all, as I began to add detail I also felt the need to look at Ephesians 1:4 “For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight”. Chosen BEFORE the creation – not before I was born … but further back … MUCH further back! As this dawned upon me, and as I returned to adding detail upon the drawing, the verse began to ‘grow’ within me and the ‘movement’ was there again AND I almost heard “Never – NEVER – think you are alone … NEVER think you are your own … ALWAYS remember that you are supernatural – outside of space and time … and ALWAYS live and work in preparation to return to the eternal – to that place (outside of space and time) where I dreamed you up … out of my love for you! Now finish the sketch!”

… And with those words the angel turned about and, noisily spreading the most amazing wings (if they were indeed “wings” at all), flew towards the sun …

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#Worship in progress #wip 10


An intimate moment in which I found myself ‘seeing’ two things sort of pertaining to the near future … Shalom and Shabbath – that is completeness and rest/intimacy with the Father.

And I began to sense Yeshua the light embodying those elements … and energizing them via His Ruah – like breaths becoming tangible swirls, breathing out darkness and ignorance, and breathing in utter supernatural light.

As I drew I became aware that each careful stroke challenged me to walk closer to the Light and to free myself from anything else – not the easiest thing to do in these days … hence the darker scratchier areas of the drawing.

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#Worship in progress – #wip9


Being among worshippers I sensed billows of cloth-like movements of the air … as though the Ruah ha’Qodesh (Holy Spirit) was dancing and singing with us. A wild abandoning of doubts, fears, illnesses, unclean spirits … wild and chaotic – but so, so joyful, so beautiful.

And it was as though each ‘positive’ motion, word or even thought actually changed something – somewhere.

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