#What is the #Otiot – VAV

“From there he went on toward the hills east of Bethel and pitched his tent … ” Genesis 12:8
“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this … ” Psalm 37:5

VAV is probably the most used character of the Otiot. There is a reason for this, be it a traditional one, but VAV was seen as some kind of abstract foundational confirmation or commitment – I’ll explain by asking you a question:

Have you noticed that the Bible has many sentences beginning with ‘and’? Have you ever wondered why?

The answer lies in what the Hebrew word VAV means, which is ‘peg’ or ‘nail’.

But the orthodox Jews see something far more significant – VAV relates directly with the pegs holding up the tabernacle. It has been suggested (possibly based upon the number of times 50 is used in the variety of loops and clasps mentioned in Exodus 35) that 50 were used either side of the tabernacle. Somewhere in the distant past Jewish scribes were ordered to treat each ‘page’ of the scroll they were writing the Scriptures on as if it were the tabernacle – ie with 50 VAVs either side of the page.

So, VAV can be seen beginning each line of Jewish Scripture. Then, the English translators must have puzzled over why this was the case. But seeing as VAV is also the grammatical conjunction ‘and’, they saw fit to begin sentences with ‘and’!

However, our investigation goes much further. For VAV, as mentioned before, is the act of committing oneself to something (most importantly a relationship). Although this character also points back to the Israelites nomadic time in the desert, for VAV has the meaning ‘pitching your tent in a camp’ … most commonly ‘pitching your tent in the camp of God’.

VAV is a two-way action – our action towards our Father, and His action toward us.

For us it is a solemn commitment to ‘dwell’ with or in God, abiding by His rules, and following His ways. 2 Chronicles 7:14

When VAV is used within a word you can be sure that it is attaching the idea of being committed to whatever the word contains as a call to action – a kind of emphasis, or an exhortation for the reader to apply the call to themselves.

Yet with VAV coming from our Father, there is an important difference in the act of committing, and that is that YHWH is already committed to His creation so if VAV is coming from Him then He is in the process of committing Himself to the action – it is a comforting confirmation to us that He is committed to seeing the creation to its fulfilment … in preparation of the coming eternity.

This can be explained another way by the next use of the character VAV. And that is VAV represents the Yasher light (this is a traditional Jewish description of the light of righteousness – the purest light that can only come from our Lord). This light is committed to all creation – once it began in Genesis 1:3 it has never stopped since, pouring down wisdom, understanding, love, insight, and revelation!

This leads us to an enigma – because the Yasher light is not simply something heavenly falling on us like manna (although it sometimes appears to be just like that – blessings upon blessings … no, it is more than that!). It has a kind of hidden mechanism attached to it that is a trigger for a compelling response … which you will discover within the next character …

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#What is the #Otiot – HEY

Ah, the character of revelation!

HEY is a complex arsenal of powerful call to actions. Let us have a look.

Strongs H1887 ‘behold!’ – at the outset that description appears to be very very simple. It is a command to look – that is it!

But, of course there is more to it than that. Look at what? Who is to look? How is one to look?

But the most important question is ‘what is the moment of revelation?’ because by asking this question we must go to only one place – and that is the very heart of the Father! And this gives us a big clue as to what HEYs function is – that is to worship our wonderful Lord. Then we begin to see that true worship is so much more than singing a few songs or saying pleasant things about God! … Worship reveals itself as … REVELATION!

Just to add to the excitement, HEY is the first of a series of characters that manifest the most fundamental of all Gods attributes … ‘to reveal’. After all, our Father has (and continues to) revealed Himself to us through His Word, through His Son, through His Holy Spirit, through nature, through the heavens , through the universe!

The other characters are the ones that follow HEY. That is VAV, ZAYIN, and CHET – You will hear more about the ‘why’ in each article coming up soon.

But, suffice it to say that HEY is where revelation begins.

Remember that revelation requires a revealer and the one who receives the revelation. Added to this, we must also take into account the context of the revelation. It might just be for the receiver, or, of course, for the receiver to pass it on ie “this is the word of God!!”

No matter what it is, you can be sure that it will entail a necessary action. Therefore, any revelation you receive be sure to put it into practice. If you do not know what action to take, then ask the Father.

There is a certain irony in the last statement above – that of communicating with our Father. Because HEY is the epitome of communication – in fact it is more than that – HEY is the two-way dynamic between Him and us. And this is where we find true revelation – let me explain.

Jesus said that the greatest commandment for His followers was that we must love the Lord our God. (Mark 12:30), and He gave us a new commandment “Love one another” (John 13:34). But how can I love my Father who is in heaven, and how do I love my brother if I am in disagreement with him?

John gives us the secret which we need to take seriously – keep reading it until God opens your eyes to what He is telling you! – 1 John 5:1-3.

The only way to love our Lord, and truly love our brethren is by obeying the Father! That means, for us in the 21st century, that we must first read the commands that Jesus gave to His disciples. Then we must apply them to our lives. We really must! Because, do you not realise that when we obey Him we are actually manifesting love for Him … then it is passed onto our brothers and sisters – naturally, coming from the obedience we have acquired. Then it should become even clearer to us when Jesus truly challenges us further by commanding that we love our enemies! (Matthew 5:44).

This can only be done if the Father reveals the supernatural consequences to us. But we have to begin by taking the step of obedience – then watch out for God moving in ways you might never expect (Joshua 3 – all of it … and be amazed!)

In my view, this is authentic revelation – obeying God! And HEY is its embodiment.

Perhaps, then, it will not surprise you to read that HEY also symbolises Gods grace which, in this case, is a vital call to action that Jesus gave in Matthew 16:24 ” … let him take up his cross …”.

Did you know that the Aramaic for ‘take’ here includes the exhortation to commit insurrection?! In other words Jesus is implying that we violently strive against the establishment … that is the accepted establishment of satan … and the word ‘cross’ here in this context, in Aramaic, means to ‘comfort the afflicted’. He was not talking about the execution – He was talking about the act of empathizing with those who are experiencing humiliation, suffering, problems … and standing with them, warring against the powers of darkness – on their behalf … grace in deed (not grace in theory!). I think that is also an intense demonstration of denying ourselves.

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What is the #Otiot – DALET

This character has so much meaning for me personally – so I want to tell you a little story that I believe illustrates it.

In 1974 I decided I had had enough of western materialism and began my search for God … in India.

I spent the next month on many adventures as I walked (and hitch hiked) my path towards what I thought would be the answers to all my desires.

May I point out that I was definitely NOT a Christian.

Eventually I found myself in a northern Indian village which happened to be the residence for the Dali Lama in exile.

I enrolled in the Dharma School there and began to fathom out the many riddles that this philosophy tantalized me with.

On one particularly challenging day (that is, challenging to my mental state!) I began the dangerous climb up the mountain to my mud hut retreat. As I embarked on a steep incline, I heard a voice behind me. I turned round (which was not easy because of the fact that I was having to use both hands and feet in order to stay on the side of the mountain).

But when I turned to see who it was there was no-one there!

However, the voice was insistent “Do you want to know the truth?” Half shocked, half annoyed, I answered out loud “Of course I do, that is why I am here!”

“Then I will tell you the truth”.

At this point I began to feel a kind of abstract excitement … was I about to actually experience the embodiment of truth – like supernaturally? I licked my lips in anticipation.

” The truth is … you are a fool!”

“What!?” This was not the truth I was expecting! The voice continued …

“You are not just a fool, you are an English one trying to be a Tibetan one, one from a christian mindset trying to be one from a buddhist mindset – you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing …GO HOME!”

So I did! It took a bit of time, and I had to go through a number of situations including deep depression, thoughts of suicide, theft of my air ticket, fun and frolics with immigration …AND I had to move in with my father and mother!

But I will cut this story short by saying that within a year I found myself on my knees before my Saviour, and I gave my life to Him. Ironically, it was He The Truth who found me!

So what has this tale got to do with the Hebrew character DALET?

This character appears to be inspired from DAL – DALET LAMED Strongs H1800
The English translation of this is ‘door’ but I think this is a bit vague. Especially if you look at DAL as the function of dangling.

And if you look further you will find that this character also is relevant to being needy, or poor. This is especially poignant with Jewish Tradition in that the character DALET refers to the impoverished receiving aid from the previous character GIMEL.

This is a bit weird because DALET is also seen as the expression of the SHEKINAH Glory – the very presence of God among His people – but then again there is the same theme to each of these descriptions, which is:

According to Strong H1817 (DELET – DALET LAMED TAU) possibly where the idea of a door comes from – or at least its function. But if you read the other Westernised descriptions you will find what I believe is a more appropriate label – that of a lid. More precisely, the lid of a well. This then enables us to realise the following description that is actually referring to the Glory of God:

The action of letting down a tied bucket through the protective lid of a well down into the water to then bring up the life-sustaining liquid.

OK, I admit that that is a bit of a mouthful – but I do think it bears thinking about because the SHEKINAH Glory is an amazing dynamic that affects us all.

This Glory resides in the midst of the Father, and is not separate from Him. This also contains the idea of light. What does light do? Humanly speaking, sunlight comes from the sun, and that is the same with the SHEKINAH – it emits FROM God, the Jews call it the Yasher Light (that is, the light of righteousness). And when it falls upon humanity it endows us with its valuable commodity – the righteous light, or more specifically, the Word of God! Then we are compelled to do what one usually does when light falls on us – we reflect it! This is called the Chozeh light … or the light of the seer, or the light of prophecy “This is what the Lord says …” and this Word enriches this dark world like no other!

No wonder we are exhorted to speak the word of God …but the secret here is not to speak because it says so in the Bible, but rather it is our Father who puts us in a place of His choosing, in His time, in His way, in order for us to bear the responsibility of simply speaking what is on our heart – which should be nothing short of us passionately WANTING to obey our Father! That way we take a tentative step to falling deeper in love with Him (1 John 5:2,3).

Can you see now why I associate this character with my little story above? It was as though I was down a well, in almost total darkness, and Jesus came and drew me out into the light! And He has not stopped speaking to me, instructing me into the way I have been created to go.

And the call to action? One – to be willing to be led by Yeshua (and the ONLY way to manifest that NOW is to read His commands – and to apply them); Two – to look up (Revelation 4:1 – notice Jesus says “come UP here”) towards Heaven – drop ALL human concerns, and rely upon Him); Three – tell Him you agree – and keep your word … ie sign a covenant with Him …do not forget that this covenant is between two … and He is totally trustworthy to see you safely out of the well of darkness, and into the beautiful supernatural Light!

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What is the #Otiot – GIMEL

“Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’? I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see how the fields are already white for harvest.” John 4:35

And Joshua the son of Nun sent two men secretly from Shittim as spies, saying, “Go, view the land …” Joshua 2:1

GIMEL possibly originated from a bi-literal (two character) root word GAM – Strongs Concordance H1571
having the generic meaning ‘gathering’ as in ‘assembling’ or ‘harvesting’.

It has also been argued that it has come from the tri-literal root word GAMAL Strongs H1580.
The translated meanings here appear to be in agreement with traditional Jewish thinking, and include the meanings:
benefit; require; ripen; bestow upon; deal bountifully; do good; reward; yield.

You can see, as demonstrated by the two above verses, that there are two ways of looking at ‘gathering’. One is to gather in a harvest, and the other is to gather in pertinent information.

Both these definitions are brought into agreement with each other by another, apparently generic meaning – ‘to walk’. After all the sages of old (that is, before the Babylonian exile in which the Israelites were made to write using the square-form Hebrew characters that is still in use today), saw GIMEL as a leg that is walking. They regarded the character as the motion of a benefactor drawing near to give charity to someone who was in need.

However, Yeshua’s words reveal a tactical attitude towards the Father’s harvest. And this was taken up by Paul in Romans 10:15 and Ephesians 6:15. The point is not so much as a requirement on our behalf, but rather the inevitable result of a life following our Messiah … Jesus said in Acts 1:8 3… you will be my witnesses … to the ends of the earth”. He was not asking – He was stating a fact, that is bourne out of many today manifesting a specific and uniquely personal compulsion that results in unprecedented numbers of people being found by the Lord.

But let us be careful in analyzing this because we need to look at it through a Hebrews eyes … in other words, we need to hear the call to action … and DO IT!

So, what IS the call to action here?

None other than the simple question “where are you walking?” The Father asked that question in Genesis 3:9 “where are you?” We must be honest in answering. And where we are walking is of the utmost importance as to what our relationship is with Him … if we are worried about our financial situation then we are not walking with God. The same can be said for numerous situations that Western thinking people can find themselves in.

Perhaps the most helpful, and maybe most relevant, passage in this blog is the Joshua reference, because the Father has already told Joshua what he was about to receive. We must be able to understand that our loving Heavenly Father is doing exactly the same thing by revealing to us that the Kingdom of Heaven is our inheritance – He has promised it to us – it is The Promised Land! (1 Peter 1:3-5!)

… We have just got to get rid of a few giants – that’s all!

This is no joke. In the western world we tend to feel a kind of security in that, for a lot of us, there is nobody trying to kill us or hurt us (yes, I know that this is not so for everyone – even in the West … so forgive me if you have encountered such things … I am trying to make a point, so please be patient).

It is easy for us to concentrate on earning a living, buying a house … etc, and not think of a deadly war about us.

But that is precisely what is happening. In Syria it might be possible to see your enemy – he is the one who has a rifle … aimed at you. But in the pleasant peaceful French countryside it is extremely difficult to see that there is a real enemy … and it wants me dead … NOW! I am talking about the giants named Gluttony, Complacency, Greed, Selfishness, Lying, Lust … can you hear what I am saying?

Seriously, you can die from the wounds that these inflict. That is why you must ask yourself the question “where am I walking? Who am I walking with (read following, or submitting … or serving). Jesus said we CANNOT serve both God and Mammon … we CANNOT! If we serve one then we have NOTHING to do with the other! (Matthew 6:24 … read this until you KNOW who you REALLY serve … then take action!).

Do not think that I am transgressing, because the ‘walk’ found in GIMEL is to be read either way, depending on the context. So it needs to be pointed out that GIMEL has a tendency to be extreme – one way or the other. And when it is found among other otiot then the reality (or ‘walk’) of the situation can be truly seen.

Remember the reasoning behind Joshua’s spies being sent into the land, and the fact that they needed to be ‘incognito’, quiet, aware, taking notes of all tactical information – both encouraging, and discouraging, all in order to strengthen their resolve and be able to overcome all the powers of darkness that sought to bar their way towards the promised land (Luke 10:19). Get it?

I am posting each call to action (that is each Ot) with what I consider to be of vital importance to anyone who is seeking to progress in their relationship with Yeshua. You will find descriptions of individual Ot by pressing on the name of the character in the column to the right under the title “OTIOT CHARACTERS”.

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#What is the #Otiot – BEYT

As soon as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him. And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:16, 17

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever, the Spirit of truth. John 14:16, 17

Here are just two examples of “The Family”. And although BEYT, has the meaning “tent” attached to it, a more accurate description will be “an intimate family interaction”. Because BEYT is the character for the dynamics found within the Holy Trinity.

Also this character contains a far more intense expression that rigorously challenges our 21st century way of life. It is the act of blessing.

Today we think nothing of changing our minds about something – so conditioned are we to a glib attitude towards what comes out of our mouths, that, at times, we might even result to lying.

Contrasted with this, take a good look at Genesis 27 where Jacob receives Esau’s blessing. Notice, especially, verses 30 onwards. Amazingly, Isaac could not un-say what he had said to Jacob, what had come out of his mouth was, as far as he understood, irrevocable. My 21st century attitude would be to say to Jacob “because you deceived me I take back what I said” but Isaac could not do that. Which brings me to two relevant verses, that are grounded in BEYT: Genesis 1:3 – what YHWH said happened. And the words of Yeshua in Matthew 5:33 onwards – especially verse 37 “… let your yes be yes and your no be no …”

So BEYT contains a deep challenge for us, that is that we are to maintain integrity. If we do not then we are not following Yeshua! But do not lose heart – even though Paul reminds us that “we all fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) – Yeshua encourages us in Matthew 5:48 “… be perfect …” that is to say that we should take up the attitude that spurs us on towards perfection – and it is found here in BEYT.

Because BEYT has another amazing meaning that calls us to a deeper relationship within the family of YHWH. It is the action of going (or even being) inside, or within. In fact this character is often translated (within the appropriate context) as “in”. But we must see this as a function that we are made to operate.

One could easily say that we need to apply it when we say “in the name of Jesus”. This is made clearer if we look at it in the way of declaring ourselves as being within the super-natural authority of Jesus, or even finding ourselves in a spiritual safe haven ie if God is our refuge then that implies that we are IN it.

This is meant to be a character of comfort – finding solace within the tent of meeting (which was where God said He would dwell – among His people! Exodus 29:45 … HALELLUJAH!!)

I am posting each call to action (that is each Ot) with what I consider to be of vital importance to anyone who is seeking to progress in their relationship with Yeshua. You will find descriptions of individual Ot by pressing on the name of the character in the column to the right under the title “OTIOT CHARACTERS”

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The #Otiot in #2017 – A last #call to action?

This is a call to all people referring to themselves as Christians or True Followers of Yeshua.

“… Keep watch … you also must be ready …” (Matthew 24:42 and 44).

He is also calling us to stay awake, not to be deceived, be aware, and to look up toward Heaven, because of the beginning of the birth pains of the Kingdom – which appear to have begun already.

What seems urgent to me is not whether these are the ‘last’ days (‘last’ is so inappropriate here because this is actually the ‘beginning’), but whether I am truly following the Lord AND applying His teachings to my 21st century life.

I am convinced that this ancient form of communication has never been so relevant as it is today, and is a super-natural exhortation for us to understand and practice what is perhaps the original words from The Word … therefore it is imperative for us to not just say who Yeshua is, but to be living witnesses to what He does – today!

Personally I have come to realise some incredible teachings whilst deliberating the different facets of the Otiot which I would like to share.

So, let us examine each Ot to see if we can find such treasures together. Starting today with:

“… His incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is like the working of His mighty strength, which He exerted in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly realms, far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given, not only in the present age but also in the one to come. (Ephesians 1:19-21)

According to Strong the meaning of this character includes: learning, strength, power, to learn, to teach, to yoke, to tame, family, kin, oxen (H502, 504, 505,506)

This character includes many of the descriptive nouns found in Paul’s words above. But I believe the true power of this ot can be found if we follow the Hebrew attitude of function rather than object.

So rather than seeing this character as an object of power and authority, it becomes the execution of power and authority. And there is an incredible dynamic (which is found in ALL the Otiot) that points to the original idea of the Father revealing Himself to His people, describing specific aspects of Himself – that can, in some cases, be found in us. He did this in the very first verses of our Bible, in Genesis.

Following that the various meanings of the character can be enacted the other way round – the people acting towards the Father. But the main emphasis is YHWH gradually becoming seen as the One who is heralding in the eternal age – all contained in the various combinations of the Otiot.

To put it another way ALEPH can mean the Father exercising authority over us or other aspects of creation, or us exercising authority over each other or satan. These depend upon the context of what has been written.

Specifically I have found the following meanings:

exert strength
exert power
exert wisdom
take burdens
be intimate with (within the family – either a human family or The Family)
to be at the head
to be first
to commence
to be of primary importance
to be over – to overshadow

And the call to action?

There are at least two.

First, the Father does not need me to endorse His actions … but He DOES require me to respond based upon what He has made me to be – if I accept what that is. Therefore, my generic response to His display of power and/or authority must be simply that I believe Him. This is fundamental to my relationship with Him. So, the challenge is that I MUST believe.

Secondly, when ALEPH is written in context to me executing authority, I must hear (and act upon) the exhortation by Yeshua in Luke 10:19 “I have given you authority … to overcome all the power of the enemy”. Notice “have” is the past tense, I already am armed with His authority.

What must my response be other than to act in faith, regardless of what the circumstances appear to be.

This second call to action is one that urges me to press on towards my specific goal, so I must, again, believe in this incredible relationship in order to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth … NOW!

I am posting each call to action (that is each Ot) with what I consider to be of vital importance to anyone who is seeking to progress in their relationship with Yeshua. You will find descriptions of individual Ot by pressing on the name of the character in the column to the right.

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#Supernatural #Weapon #Training – How to make a day into an offensive weapon!


(This has taken me three evenings and three morning to write … could that be relevant? Read on …)

But surely, you will ask, is not a day simply a 24 hour measurement of time? Let us have a look at what the Hebrew has to say:

” … And there was evening and there was morning, the first day” Genesis 1:5

The Hebrew for day is YOM – YOD VAV MEM (According to Strongs Concordance H3117 the English translation includes: age, day, two days, days agone, evening, ever, space, time, process of time, a while, whole, year).

Wow! what a variety of measurements of time!

But I prefer to read it from the Hebrews mindset:

Starting with VAV – the enactment of a commitment to inhabit an area – temporarily. VAV is the function of the tent peg – it symbolizes a determined act to pitch ones tent in a camp for reasons of security and for social interaction. Here lies the first clue that points to an undefined passage of time within a finite area.

YOD adds specificity to that commitment, because YOD is action … it is the precise action that arises from committing oneself to something. In this context YOD is worship! Now it gets even more interesting because worship implies the act of one worshipping – and the response of the one worshipped. It is a wonderful two-way reciprocation. This is vital to grasp because we are beginning to see the manifestation of what is to be revealed as offensive.

Let me put it this way.

The act of worshipping our Loving Father is a supernatural act – it has to be, because it is relevant to our relating to YHWH directly, spiritually. Worship is actually an exhortation to us to concentrate on seeing God in everything – at all times, in everything we do … we should never NOT be worshipping the Lord.

It is at this point that MEM intensifies the specific act of worshipping in a place committed to relating to Him. MEM is also the character that defines the offensive action to be taken. Listen to this!

One of the aspects of MEM is the function of water. What is the function of water? To immerse, to cover – totally, to wash away every single stain, to bring life … eternal!

Here is a question. Have you been baptized? Did you come to understand what you did? Well, perhaps by looking at the Genesis creation verses you may catch a glimpse of something both relevant and beautifully extreme. Just read the first ten verses of Genesis chapter one. Do you notice the references to the ‘waters’? Interesting that. All the references appear to be in the plural. Why? My take on that is that the Hebrews often seemed to use certain devices to emphasize something … in this case I believe it is the sheer size of the waters … enough to cover the whole universe – and everything else! But there is more. The plural is calling our attention to the event … Gods command of bringing the light of insight and wisdom into space and time.

Notice that the Spirit pondered or hovered over the dark waters – and then immediately ordered light to come into being. So, first we have the waters in darkness … then we have the waters in light. First we are immersed in the baptismal waters into the death of our Lord, then we rise up into His eternal life – which is light! This is a good reason for us to worship Him at this very moment – within the function of commitment and the action of submissive worship – that, in essence, is YOM.

But MEM goes further – and it is here that the offensive nature of our actions is fully made manifest – and the deceiver hates it! MEM is not just a vast ocean of water springing up to eternal life (John 4:14), it is also an even greater ocean of – the word of God! This implies that we can (and should – at ALL times) immerse ourselves in the Word … drink deep and take in every word that Yeshua utters. This is another type of baptismal action. No, I am not saying we should physically, repeatedly be baptized in water … but I AM saying that we should take on a ‘baptismal’ attitude of continually immersing ourselves in the Word.

Try reading it until you find yourself asking a question (the most common question will probably be ‘what does this mean, I do not understand?’). Stop reading and become as a little child and ask your Father the question. Keep asking Him (as little children tend to do if they do not receive an answer the first time). I guarantee that you will receive an answer – not necessarily the one you might expect.

Do you see the similarity here between baptism and true Bible study (although I do not regard it as a study – more like a loving intimate conversation)? Immersion into the darkness of death has certain similarities with reading the Word and not understanding – like being in the dark about something … then, because of our determined action to find the Truth, we find ourselves rising into the light of life. This is a bit like receiving supernatural insight – as in seeing the light! And the result of such an action is – a determined progress towards perfection (Matthew 5:48).

So, all in all, committing ourselves to a kind of baptismal attitude to conversing with the Father (as in worshipping Him) will most definitely push the father of lies away from us (he will not be able to get a word in – anywhere!) … so that we may take one more tentative step towards manifesting the true reality that is all around us. And all that happens within a finite passage of time and space!

Now, how offensive is that?

(For those of you are interested, the acrylic painting above is called “Between” – meaning between darkness and light … or rather it is the very temporary and progressive point at which the darkness is becoming light).

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