The tentative step …

This is not going to be easy to explain.

What I want to do is to move towards what I believe to be the truest form of creativity.

There are a number of ways of doing that … all of them almost completely inexplicable!

That is why I paint!! … Abstracts … and surreal work …

But probably the most “useful” exercises for me – and the ones that appear to be the most dynamic … are the linear illustrative drawings.

Here is one:

La confiance dans est

Perhaps I should explain – where I can.

This is called “Trust in the is”

“Is” is that which … is! That which continues, and never becomes “was” … that which dwells within the “confines” of eternity.

… No, thats not really what I want to say! Its more like believing that there is something other than just “time and space” … some people call it “the eternal NOW” … it is THERE that the truth of who I really am lives.

… This is not working properly … I will have to go away and … try again – tomorrow (that is – the generic tomorrow!!).


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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