wip Work in progress – The Foolish Cross 1

The Standing Cross series

The Foolish Cross – work in progress 1

I am going to take you, again, through the process of concept to finished image. And I will be visualising a wonderful meeting that happened way back in 1958!

This is an incredible story of receiving a totally unique gift from my Father. And it will take us from pure innocence to indescribable joy
… in fact I intend this drawing to be, or at least contain, intense happiness and bliss.

I know this is a tall order, and indeed, the picture itself might appear fairly ordinary to some people. But the important element, as in
every work I produce, is the actual execution of the piece. In this case the “execution” is the gift in action. The mechanics of it are fairly easy to describe: The gift God gave me, when I was seven years old, was the gift of sight, and an ability to translate that sight onto paper.

This is no ordinary sight, nor is it mystical insight into future events. It is more like this – a. From a vague contemplative area of my
mind I am “taken” into the kingdom of heaven. b. I gain an abstract perception of a given part of it. c. I return to my mind and “interpret” it into inadequate human consciousness. d. Finally, using the techniques I have gained throughout the years, I convert what is enigmatically and wildly supernatural to questionable human ‘likeness’ – onto paper.

I am calling the drawing ‘the foolish cross’, because I see that original ‘sight’ is to do with the wisdom of God, but is translated to
humanity … which, to many people, is seen as folly. However, I take heart in the verse “the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom” 1 Corinthians 1:25.

Practically speaking, I was woken up at around 3am this morning and was lead to the above verse in the context of 1 Corinthians 1:18 to 2:16. At the same time I began to remember the day I began to draw from the heart
– as opposed to copying whatever the teacher chalked onto the blackboard.

Then, around 7am, as I slowly came into wakefulness, I became aware of a number of images relevant to my childhood experience.

Strangely enough they included the above thumbnail, which was my initial observation of a circle of activity … only activity that was not! In other words, where activity should have taken place there was only empty space … but what a dynamic emptiness!

The background to it was similar to the preparatory drawing below … only in colour – reds, oranges, yellows … all bright and vibrant. This will be the colour set to be done in bright pastels … which will happen in the next session.



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