The Foolish Cross wip 3 Surrealism art pencil drawing

The Foolish Cross – work in progress 3
Establishing boundaries

Having roughly marked out the pastel background I began to tease abstract into visual. At this stage I could work fairly openly, not needing to think too much about detail, but rather roughly manifesting the dynamics, or movements, of the overall image.

Yet, already I began to think ahead to what might be required to manipulate the picture to gain a greater 3D feeling (but these will become apparent as the picture progresses) – should I so choose.

Judging by what has been started, and ‘seeing’ ahead, my intentions will require a little extra work – which only adds to my sense of joy and privilege! This may well include the use of coloured pencils.

But for now I can just ‘sit back’ and revel in the application of graphite textures to my heart’s content.

Philosophically, the area around the main subject utilizes untouched areas (the supernatural), and the coloured textures (the supernatural embracing humanity).

In other words, my Wild God plucks ‘possibilities’ from the unknowable deep, sort of adds them together to make something more complex … which is then planted into my sub-conscious. Here, in this wonderfully dark place, a supernatural transition takes place.

There is something here that I cannot explain very well, but it is manifest from these words “heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons” Matthew 10:8.

At this point the Lord is teaching me ‘sight’. This is not to be confused with the established idea of a ‘seer’ or ‘prophet’. No – here is a wildness that can never be conformed, an uneasy vision that does not rest easily upon the human brain (especially if that human brain is leaning towards earthly conditioning). This is not something learnt … it is something given. In fact this ‘gift’ has a tendency to be an inevitability!

As for ‘seeing’ … Jesus’ mission was to reveal God as a father, and he did that by being a channel for God’s supernatural interventions in this world … which are happening at this very moment all over the world. The idea being that, once we personally witness God in miraculous action, we then accept Him as our adopted Father.

So, I rejoice that, although I cannot prove intellectually what I am saying, as my Father takes me further ALL will be revealed!


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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