Illustrations of a vision of eternal life – given to me by Jesus Christ

Inexplicably, I have begun to experience a number of visions in the recent past. So I want to share them with you. In fact I feel I need to.

Most of them, at first, seem to be fairly disconnected and somewhat enigmatic. However, on further study I have come to the conclusion that they all appear to ‘describe’ a specific eternal existence – ie that which is ‘outside’ space and time.

In this incredible environment anything portrayed as contradictory (as far as earth is concerned) is totally acceptable – and is NOT a contradiction … that is because it is the purist spirituality – because it all takes place in the direct presence of YHWH, the God and Father of Jesus.

I will not try to explain them – I think they are far beyond humanistic description. But I will illustrate bits of them, write about them, and do this as a kind of work-in-progress so that you can see where I am going as I am working.

They happen fairly frequently, so I will share them as soon as I get them. At the same time I will be looking to see if any of them prove to be prophetic, and I will let you know. And if you receive some kind of response from seeing and reading about them then please tell me.


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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