Dream and vision of eternity

This happened 10 March about 1.45am until after 3am

I was dreaming that I was at a great gathering of millions of ‘people’ – rather like a rock concert (only there was no music … rather more like pure energy!). It was a very large stadium. The stage was circular, and I was near the stage looking up at the back of the drummer. There were no chairs but each member of the audience had their own open-top booths with benches in them.

The band was producing some incredible energies, much to the audiences delight. It was as though whatever they were doing was altering the fabric of each ‘human’ (if that is what we were), like gently blowing on wispy smoke to make it undulated in specific ways.

A young man appeared on top of my booth. He asked me if it was alright to have his ‘stuff’ on the bench in my booth. I looked on my bench and saw that he had placed a coat and a box near my things. I said it would be fine here. He was very appreciative, then looked at the drummer on the stage. He began to ‘copy’ what the drummer was doing. I soon began to realise that the young man was surrounded by his own drum kit, and was playing the drums in keeping with the drummer on the stage.

Two things to note here: 1. Actually the young man was me.
2. There were no drums but either undulating smoke – only there was an aspect of solidness to it! … or an organic yet mechanical device that kept changing shape.

In no time we began to purposefully play a kind of drum duet (to wild applause of the audience), jamming and ad-libbing, producing incredible energies. As our duet became more intense the audience became wilder – dancing and gyrating with pure joy and ecstasy.

The whole atmosphere started to intensify the smoky aspect of each person until some of them almost disappeared into each other and up into the air. I am not sure if the ground was solid anymore (indeed, if it had ever been!)

At this point the drummer on the stage indicated to me that I should continue on my own while the stage drummer took the chance to change his clothing. I jumped at the chance and at once broke into an intricate, and electrifying, drum solo – driving the whole audience to ever high states of rejoicing.

The stage drummer stripped off his clothes to reveal a black and white striped body suit … the stripes starting at his navel then twisting out … making him look like a spiral. As he revealed this he began to spiral bodily – in any direction – his whole body gracefully twisting out of recognition of a body to that of a swirling wind – all the time the energy was increasing to an almost unbearable pitch (if utter joy can ever become unbearable!).

As this was happening – with the increasing intensity – everything – the stadium, audience, band, energy – were morphing into a dramatic storm complete with boisterous dark storm clouds and childlike lightning bolts, all intermingled with crashing laughing living waves on a vast and beautiful sea!

The stage drummer momentarily became a medieval ships captain gazing over the side of a gigantic organic sailing ship – with sales made of the audience … in fact the ship AND the rolling sea were the audience. As he gazed over the side I realized that he was studying the rudder – which was an enormous bullet shaped black and white spiral – which majestically rose up out of the water … the waves were enormous … and much more fluid than one would expect … mainly because the waves were not restricted by gravity (nor, in fact, were they water), therefore were able to obtain incredible heights – and even break off from the sea, and from other shapes – like trees or mountains, asteroids or clouds of water.

Of course, everything here was in fact people (or were the people pure Spirit?). So delightful was this that I woke up!

… But it did not stop!!

As I lay on my bed I soon realised that my body was enjoying the unique ability to change its shape – not so much to dissolve, but simply change into whatever it wanted. So I found myself experiencing what it might be like to be a shape made of a substance that can change … based upon my worship and rejoicing in YHWH!

It was almost impossible to simply lie on the bed … at one stage I found my eyes aimlessly wandering off in different directions.

Then I spoke.

At first it was just one whispered word (I did not want to wake up Shirley). As soon as I started to mouthe the words (I had to consciously gather my face together in order to form the words so that I could whisper them).

As the word came out of my mouth it affected my ‘loose’ body – which obediently drifted up or around appropriately for the word. So I began to say other words. Each word spoken produced its own rhythmic undulation, forming shapes which were hard to explain – other than that they were beautiful.

This carried on for some time. I was totally intrigued – specially because I was totally awake.

After some minutes of this extremely enjoyable experience I decided that it was appropriate for me to stop … and so I gathered myself together to form a sleeping person – and drifted off into a superbly peaceful sleep once again.


This is a thumbnail inspired by what I experienced. Next, I shall produce a working drawing, then if I think it appropriate I will draw a large detailed image – which I shall post here. I will also give an explanation as to what the image is.


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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