Spiritual vision of eternal life


This is an illustration of a vision I have had recently (see my last post).

I believe that these are being experienced by countless people around the world in order to make us conscious of end-time prophecy as inspired by Yahshua ha’Mashiah – Jesus Christ (Matthew 24).

For the first time in our history all the things Yahshua spoke about are possible right now. Ironically, I believe that this world is about to experience something totally unexpected, so I am visualizing what I am continually experiencing for your attention – so that you can take it or leave it.

All I ask is that you read this:

Yahshua said “tell the people to repent because the Kingdom of Heaven is near” … it has never been so near! When it finally arrives it will change everything. Even now people are being healed of ailments like incurable cancer, broken bodies are being seamlessly mended, the blind are being given their sight back, those enslaved by demonic possession are being delivered … some are even being raised from the dead! Hard to believe? All I know is that I have encountered some of these things first hand!

End-time events such as prophecies and visions (apart from the events themselves!) are the final reminders that we are progressing from the pains of humanity and hurtling towards the place that the Father prepared outside of space/time … otherwise known as eternity. You have within you one of the most powerful supernatural attributes which you use every day – without thinking about it. Simply put, it is called “choice”. But most people do not regard it as anything as amazing as a supernatural power – yet, if you think about it, when you make a choice it changes EVERYTHING! Think about it.


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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