Illustrated study of the Hebrew word Shachah (Worship)


I am fascinated by the idea of interpreting Hebrew/Aramaic words from their constituent letterforms.

Each of the original Hebrew characters are pictographs each carrying its own distinct meaning – which in each case is the function of the character, not its form.

And just to make things even more intriguing, it is argued that these pictographs were the very characters that the Father inscribed upon the stone tablets that were given to Moses … in other words these characters were, arguably, the very first written forms.

These pictographs lend themselves to the idea of compiling an illustration inspired by the descriptions found in a Hebrew word. So, as part of my intimate conversations with the Father, I have felt encouraged to envision words pertinent to my progressive loving relationship with Him. This also includes the possibility of prophetic inferences.

Let us try one:

The Hebrew word Shachah (Worship)
Hey – Chet – Shin (read right to left).
The basic meaning of each of these characters is:
Hey=worshipping man
Shin=two front teeth
However, please note that the truer meaning of these is found in their function –
ie what they do – not what they are.

Shin – Separating Spirit from material/Divine power

Chet – Encompassing/Operation of the Spiritual Gifts
(Amazingly, the actual meaning of shachah begins with this character then spreads outwards)

Hey – Breath/Creative power (breathed or spoken by) of the Father

Our action of executing the spiritual gifts will reveal His divine power on earth,
which is, at the same time, a recognition of His eternal creative power –
this is worship … and it is eternal!

Seen in a slightly different way, activating the gifts practically separates Spirit away from humanity,
and manifests the environment of the Ruah ha’Qodesh (Holy Spirit) – which is the Kingdom of Heaven – here, now.


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