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During the deep conversations with the Father regarding the paleo-Hebrew interpretation of some of His words, enigmatic images and forms flash through my mind – sometimes slowly, gently … other times with dizzying lightning speed.

Like a sea of abstract possibilities, each element on its own makes little or no sense – but when two or more are “added” to one another then there is potentially a mental visual. It is at this point I begin to experience the compulsion to make manifest onto paper what is already inside my head.

So, it seems appropriate to offer to you “Shachah” as inspired by the interpretation of the last word study:

Chet – The central “function” is the all-encompassing spiral like fence, which is a practical exhortation to execute the Spiritual Gifts.
Hey – This is inextricably mingled with the breath or word of the Father – like incense, a pleasing aroma to Him.
Shin – As these are carried out the world simply has to separate and fall away.

From now on I intend to combine the elements of illustration and interpretation together in one blog.

This will be up for auction on ebay starting this Thursday.


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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