#Otiot #Word Study – Chashaq – #Love #Linear #Expressionism

Here is an attempt at illustrating just the word (later, I shall be refining this work-out to illustrate a word in context to a specific biblical text – but for now I just want to try this simpler exercise out).

Chashaq (pronounced “harshac” with the H being guttural) Strong’s H2836.

The English translation is “to love, to be attached”.

This is a root word made up of Qoph (the rising/setting sun), Shin (two front teeth), Chet (a fence).
Do not forget to read these from right to left.

Their functions: to cycle (Qoph), to divide (Shin), to surround (Chet).

So, in the context of love, and beginning with the central “ot” (pronounced “oat”, and means “character, sign”), I would interpret them like this:

A recognition (Shin) that separates “self-centredness” from “other-personness”, then discerns any need in that person. This gives rise to enabling one to be a “glove” for the Father so that He can use whatever is necessary (Chet) to encourage that person to draw nearer to their created function (ie to worship the Father) … and this function is, I believe, a supernatural energy (Qoph)!

The illustration below is an initial attempt at visualising directly from interpreting the otiot. I have used watercolours because of its immediacy … it gives instant satisfaction when applying onto watercolour paper … wonderful!


linear abstract expressionism watercolor


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Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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