#Hebrew #Otiot #Word #Study Chesed – Kindness

linear crayon otiot

“In a surge of anger I hid my face from you for a moment (this is the Father talking to Israel), but with everlasting kindness I will have compassion on you” Isaiah 54:8 NIV.

This is incredible!

“Kindness”, that is, the English translation, describes a benevolent action.

However, the ancient Hebrew otiot describes something way, way more personal, extremely intimate, big, and dynamically powerful … and ALL relating to the Father.

The Hebrew word is Checed (pronounced hasaid … “ha” – as in hat, then “said” – the H is guttural).
Dalet (door), Samech (thorn), Chet (fence) – read from right to left … but the meaning begins in the middle!


A thorny hedge. This is the Fathers very effective hedge of protection – against all Elohim’s adversaries.

To emphasize the security consciousness of the Father, here we have a fence that keeps all within safe. It is also a loving and powerful embrace.

A beautiful reminder that Hebrew tends towards function, not object. In other words, this is not a symbol for a door – it is a symbol for the act of going through, or, I believe it is the action of allowing entrance – in this case entrance into the intimacy of the family of the Father. Now THAT is what I call protection.

It goes deeper!

Samech represents the Father jealously protecting Isreal, with Chet providing a greater means of that protection through the chosen people using the Spiritual Gifts. This can only result in a closer, more intimate relationship with Him. And Isaiah points out that it is eternal!


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