#Hebrew #Otiot word study – Aman – #Faith

aleph mem nun otiot of Sinai

Aman – reference Strongs H539
Pronounced ah- man
The various English translations include: to support; to confirm; to be faithful; to prop; to support; to stay.
It can be used as a Hiphil verb (meaning “to make someone do something”): to stand firm; to trust; to be certain; to believe in.

Specific variations include:
Isaiah 28:16 “… the one who trusts will never be dismayed” NIV.
Psalm 89:37 “… the faithful witness in the sky” NIV.
Psalm 116:10 “I believed …” NIV.

From the Otiot AH-MA-N is (reading right to left) Nun(n-u(as in look)-n – Mem(mem) – Aleph(alef)

The generic descriptions include:
Mem – mighty waters/the blood/word of Yahshua (Jesus)/sea of possibilities
Aleph – action taken from being yoked to the Father/being taught by the Father/the Father Himself
Nun – an unstoppable creative motion/the good seed (the action of it being spread)/continuation

Please note that the dynamics of the word begin with the middle Mem, then work outwards.

Faith is believing in that which is unseen. Well, that is the English translation, but it does not give me a very defined function of faith, nor does it challenge me – it is simply a clever statement.

On the other hand the Hebrew word for faith “aman” is an incredible call to action, it is totally functional, and prescribes exactly how I am to proceed in order to obtain faith.

Starting in the middle – Mem.
Here is the solid foundation (unshakable, immoveable, irrevocable!), which Yahshua spoke about over and over again … notice, especially, when He said “he who has ears to hear let him hear” (Matthew 11:15, Mark 4:9, Revelation 2:7)- implying that what He was saying came from an eternal, supernatural point of view. He revealed such an environment as totally reliable, absolutely trustworthy, and, especially, to be acted upon … in faith. Here we might feel limited to space and time – but the function of Mem is an immense reality – spanning eternity, and including space and time.

So, what exactly IS the function of Mem? None other than the action of the Word! That is, hearing (or, in our case, reading) the Words of ha’Mashiah (the Messiah). And if I truly hear His Words, then it is as though they enter my spirit and gently mould it into a specific likeness of Him. Paul called it the renewal of the mind (Romans 12:2).

The next character is Aleph.
Not to be looked at as a separate entity, but is to be understood as an integral part of the whole word. For here, Aleph, stands for the Authority of the Father, or, practically speaking, it commands respectful obedience to He who is totally trustworthy and sure.

So, whilst I gather wisdom from the words of my Brother, Yahshua, they are enlivened by the intimate relationship the Father offers to me for this exact situation. These two together prepare everything necessary to create progressive faith within me … and with the vital addition of …

A stubborn determination, and the supernatural ability, to continue even though I might not know what the outcome will be. Of course, this also has implied challenges, like “How? In what way? With what attitude? How can unstoppable motion be made relevant to my present need to acquire faith?” The answers, which will be found in the Words of Yahshua, must be applied to this process specifically, which starts from the “unseen” and keeps going right up to the very point of …seeing!

My mission, then, is to surround my endeavour of taking a step of faith with all the different aspects of Yahshua’s Words I can gather, remaining within the vital proximity of the Father, and keep these close to me while I move towards the completion of this creation.

contemporary fine art linear pastels Faith

Work in progress Linear pastels on Fabriano paper Faith


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3 Responses to #Hebrew #Otiot word study – Aman – #Faith

  1. Shirley HOW says:

    Excellent study, what depths you take us to!

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  2. Shamel says:

    Well put brother in Christ, unshakable Faith, immovable devotion to God is what the” good fight of faith ” is all about. Peace from God be unto you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shirley HOW says:

    Really like the finished work Tim, it would be great to see the ‘work in progress’ and the finished images side by side …

    Liked by 1 person

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