#How to #Manifest #Abba’s secret thoughts in #space and time

Glory - hadar Hebrew Otiot

How does a shouting man, a door, and man’s head bring glory to our loving Father?

It depends on how you look at it.

These three “descriptions” are of pictographs of the Hebrew word “hadar”.
In other words, although they “spell” out the word HA-D-AR, I have come to believe that each ot (pronounced “oat”), whilst it relates to the other otiot, is an intensely personal practical instruction into supernatural function.

This is mind-blowing, sobering, exciting, thrilling, fearful, dreadful, wonderful, incredible … do you get the idea? … And it applies to my everyday living – and to yours. So, what will you do about it?

OK, let us look at “hadar”.

As a triliteral root word it is pronounced “ha” as in “hat” – and “dar” as in “dare” (and rolling the “r”).

The English translates this as “to honour; to adorn; to glorify; to be high; to be honoured; to claim honour”.

Hadar is found in:
Job 40:10 “Then adorn yourself with glory and splendour”
Psalm 8:5 “… And crown Him with glory and honour”
Psalm 111:3 “Glorious and majestic are His deeds”
Isaiah 35:2 “… They will see the glory of the Lord”

Whilst Hebrew is read from right to left, I believe the “dynamic” here starts with the middle ot and moves outwards.

Dalet – a door
Hey – a shouting/worshipping man
Resh – a man’s head

Now we change the description to the Hebrew mindset of function:

Dalet – passing through … from one place to another. Dalet relates the dimension of time and space, so, in this context, I see this as the passing from the Kingdom of Heaven to this physical realm.
Hey – The action of the shouting man is to reveal. In this context it is surely the revelation of, or the receiving of, the action of worshipping the Father.
Resh – The manifestation of the comprehensive mind of the Father! WOW!! This gives us the “why?” to our worship – we worship Him as He reveals Himself to us … and there is a LOT to reveal!

Therefore, as I say the word (even if it is in English), as long as I adhere to the ancient Hebrew understanding, this is what I perceive:

As the uttered word, attitude, and perception enters the deepest parts of me, what is happening is that the Kingdom of Heaven is “nearing”, and bringing with it, into my world, supernatural revelations directly from the mind of the Father.

And I cannot help but think that this is a two-way realization, because, as I receive the blessing of revelation, I, in turn, reciprocate by worshipping the Father – giving Him glory (Matthew 25:29 Halleluyah!) … as He reveals it to me. And as I worship the Father (which is what I was made for Ephesians 1:4-12 … especially verse 12)), what I am doing travels back through the “door” straight into the very heart of my Elohim.

That cannot be without effect! Certainly within me!

So, this is definitely an exhortation for us to physically, mentally, thoughtfully, spiritually, voice our worship … at all times – for ALL things … yes, ALL things – Romans 8:28 – truly Divine instruction.

The results of this are inexplicable … no wonder we are moved by the Holy Spirit to “utter” wordless groans!! Romans 8:26

So, if you learn anything it is this – give glory to the Father … repeatedly, and from the heart!


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One Response to #How to #Manifest #Abba’s secret thoughts in #space and time

  1. Shirley HOW says:

    Awesome insight Tim! Thank you for putting this into the world …


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