#Hebrew #Otiot #Word Study – #Hope Yachal

yachal Hebrew Otiot Biblical word study

HOPE Yachal – ya-hell(h is guttural)
English translations – to wait; to hope; to expect; to tarry; to stay: to trust

lamed – chet – yod (read right to left)
yod – arm
chet- hedge
lamed – staff

Beginning in the middle with
Protection; surrounding; being protected; operation of the Gifts; Resurrection; Hai (Eternal Life)

Yod – arm in action; being active; sowing; worship

Lamed – shepherds staff; leading; being lead towards what is expected; discipleship; being taught or yoked to Yeshua

Hope is enlivening (resurrection), that is, the action of sowing expectantly and positively (worship). This act of sowing is progressive, and it leads directly towards the coming reality of fruition.

When there is a need to hope, first and foremost, I am called to worship the Father simply for who He is in relationship to me. This is done from the point of view of the Kingdom of Heaven – in other words it is my eternal inheritance, an irrevocable truth, manifesting itself in me – now! If I do not regard Him as my authentic Father then this must be sorted out before I proceed.

At this point I must be determined to find, and then put into action, the specific gifts pertaining to this hope, these dynamically cultivate in me a progressively closer relationship with Yeshua (being yoked to Him – intimately). This is definitely a hope that is not in vain.


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One Response to #Hebrew #Otiot #Word Study – #Hope Yachal

  1. John T McLeod says:

    I am a Ordained Minster with Universal Life Church Monastery but I am a Christian and like to know more about the Otiot Aramaic Hebrew


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