A #Collider An #Abyss and the #Hebrew #Otiot

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The Father showed me an image of a jigsaw.

The pieces were very weird … they were strangely shaped, continually changed shape, and were time-sensitive! ie they only fitted at a specific time.

One piece in particular – the one I am writing about here – was truly odd.

In fact, it was two almost identical pieces. Each bearing a symbol that looked like a number of six’s.

This is the logo for CERN – Centrale européenne pour la recherche nucléaire – on the French/Swiss border.

The only difference between them was that one bore the number 93, the other bore the number 100.

The 93 piece appeared to be able to fit sometime around May (that’s NOW!), the other will fit exactly over the top of the first one later this year.

So, I did a little bit of research, and I simply want to share this with you. What do you think? Just read this first:

Taken from the CERN website 2 April 2015 (Read it HERE – about two-thirds down the page):

“”We hope to continue to study the Force, and perhaps use it to open doors with our minds and fly around and stuff,” said TIE experimentalist Fan Buoi.

“Right now, to be honest, I don’t really care how it works. The theory department have some crackpot idea about life forms called midi-chlorians, but frankly I think that poorly thought out explanations like that just detract from how cool the Force really is.”

With the research ongoing, many at CERN are already predicting that the Force will awaken later this year.”

Sometime in or after May CERN is going to slowly increase its energy experiments (up to just under 93% then later this year, up to 100% energy) to reveal new realms of science (“The Force”) which will come out of the Higgs Field (which has been called the chaotic sea of possibilities).

This includes investigations into other dimensions.

At the same time of reading the above, I read Revelation chapter 9, and began a series of word studies.

When I got to the English translated word “Abyss” I looked at the Hebrew Otiot and read this:

The Hebrew word for abyss (found in Revelation 9:1) is “Tehowm” (phonetic:Te(ted)-home).

Its otiot reads:
Tau=a sign for humanity
Hey=revealing the spiritual realm
Waw=that which needs to be secure
Mem=a mighty chaotic sea

Do these scientific facts and biblical study bear any relation to one another?

Just one other “co-incidental” comparison:

It just so happens that the little French town of Saint Genis-Pouilly, where CERN is, was built upon the ancient Roman town Apolliacum – which was named after its temple … the temple of Apollyon – or Abaddon the Destroyer … which happened to be the name of the angel of the Abyss (Revelation 9:11).

Whether or not you think these words point to a fulfilment of the prophecy of Revelation 9 (which reveal some pretty horrendous manifestations from the dimension of the Abyss into our physical world), you must agree that it is a sobering thought that scientists have already carried out experiments that observe the movement of particles from one dimension to another – and back again! Have a look HERE

… And if you DO think that this is Revelation 9 coming to fruition, then I strongly recommend that you pray like you have never prayed before, for the Father to embrace you and gather you into a truly supernatural relationship with Him … whereby you will never stop conversing with Him, “praying in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” (Ephesians 6:18)


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5 Responses to A #Collider An #Abyss and the #Hebrew #Otiot

  1. spiritrests says:

    I don’t believe half of what the scientists at Cern tell us, and also that they don’t tell us half of what they are really doing! Your ‘discovery’ looks plausible … Halleluyah Abba! thank you for saving me! … also Tim, on a way lighter note, on a love the drawing!


  2. spiritrests says:

    You are doing some very interesting research Tim …


  3. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    Great article, thank you for sharing from your dream.

    You said, “The 93 piece appeared to be able to fit sometime around May (that’s NOW!), the other will fit exactly over the top of the first one later this year…”

    Can’t help but wonder if the second piece correlating to “later this year” doesn’t connect to all the massive amounts of hype/speculation going on regarding September, specifically around the 23rd…(?)


    • touchdry says:

      The simple answer to that is “yes, I think it does” … as you say, there seems to be a lot of different events (real and speculative) that are being flagged as happening in September.

      Therefore, I feel I need to be discerning, to tread carefully, and to make sure that I am as ready as I can be to walk the supernatural path with Yeshua.

      Liked by 1 person

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