#Vision of the #Shmittah #Hosts of #Love

Visionary linear watercolor

Although this happened sometime ago, I feel I need to share this with you because I believe it is relevant our worship life!

… So I want to share it with you in order for you to do with it what you will.

On the night of the 24th September 2014, about 3am, I had an experience … some might call it a vision. This is what I “saw”:

I was sitting on my bed simply enjoying being in the presence of the Lord. As I mused I slowly became aware of something like a gentle blowing or a vague movement in the air.

As I began to focus my attention on this the sensation intensified. And I began to visualise what was at first an abstract feeling. This rushing slowly manifested in my head what seemed to become the unstoppable movement of a great number of beings – vague at first. They appeared like wonderful humans and beautiful beasts.

They were all going one way – coming up from behind me in the secluded darkness of my bedroom, then passing by very very close … so close I could almost smell them … so close that the hairs on my body definitely sensed the change in the air as they passed.

This was a great host, an immense “army” … other times I would have described it as a vast angelic host – beautiful, mighty, terrifying, incredible! It both thrilled and frightened me!

As I experienced the passing of this awesome determination, I was further surprised by the sudden realization that my hands, up til now relaxed at my side, were actually coiling what felt like grass around and in between my fingers!

Now my whole body was tingling with an electrifying enigmatic mixture of excitement, awe, fear, and bewilderment. Not only was I feeling this, or seeing this – I was actually there, on the downward slope of a lush green hillside.

But what was most striking about this was that I had become aware that other people were also dotted about on the grass not far from me, on either side of me … these were other people who were in deep “conversation” with our Loving Father.

The “sitters”, as they verbally worshipped and glorified Elohim – and Elohim only, emitted a kind of smoke, which gently rose up out of them … a little like the curly smoke of sweet smelling incense. And as the smoke rose any of the “heavenly soldiers” who were nearby, would draw close and appeared to grasp the smoke with their “hands” and pull it to themselves, which had an incredible effect on them – it was as though each “warrior” became larger, more tangible, more strong, and, most importantly, more joyful.

After they had accepted each wisp with a nod of thanks to the sitting ones, they verbally and “physically” rejoiced – and the light coming from them became brighter … as they cried out to their King of Glory!

This then caused the sitting ones to glorify God even more! … Which led to more smoke … which led to the strengthening of the unstoppable host … which led to there being more light …

Somewhere, in amongst this experience I became aware of something, again, difficult to define. The nearest thing I can compare it to is – a voice, otherworldly, serious yet joyful, carrying a peace far beyond my human understanding – yet spoken with such clarity that the “words” took on a life of their own.

The voice pointed out that a few of the sitters’ smokey prayers were more “solid” than some of the others. The reason for this was that any sitter who was worshipping the Father out of personal experience – no matter what – the smoke took on a different aspect. And any “warrior” spotting these billowing clouds would enthusiastically draw near and hastily (almost excitedly) gather a handful and pull it into themselves – making them even more “real”.

I noticed that the solid smoke was shared fairly with any who walked by.

As this scene continued, I decided to make an effort to bring into my consciousness as many practical, personal instances of my Fathers provision, deliverance, miracles, care, love for me … and sure enough as I looked up I saw a wispy thickening cloud arising from me for a few seconds before a large hand quickly grasped it away.

This thrilled me so much, but the next thing I knew it was morning.

As I slowly got dressed, relishing the nights adventure, I bent down to to tie my laces …

As I did so I felt a gentle breeze by my arm … as though someone had just brushed passed me!

Amazingly, there are certain elements to this that I still occassionally feel.


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Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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One Response to #Vision of the #Shmittah #Hosts of #Love

  1. spiritrests says:

    Your experience shows the supernatural nature of life, it shows the importance of prayer and worship. We must remember what we pray for, so that when FatherJesusSpirit answers our prayers we can truly give thanks and worship. This is true relationship with HIM! Halleluyah! Thank you for sharing this Tim.

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