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shrara Otiot Word Study

The English translation of this Aramaic word is “to be firm, to be powerful, a definite portion”, yet it is personified by Yeshua “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life …” John 14:6. So, let us look into this – and joyfully consume such an abundance of amazing spiritual nourishment.

This word is made up of Resh (the head), another Resh (a head), and Shin (two front teeth).
Do not forget to read these from right to left.

Their functions are: declaration of who is my head (Resh); the second declaration of who is my head(Resh) (which should to be regarded as an emphasis); and to divide (Shin).

An immensely challenging set of otiot – by simply affirming this word we will challenge anyone else who is not living by it. Put another way – we live in a world where to lie seems to be an easy thing to do, almost to the point of having little to no importance. The reality, however, has a supernatural and on-going effect.

Each “ot” emits an almost tangible ability to change the world about us – instantly … by telling the truth when there is the possibility to lie.

The first Resh reveals the challenge to the speaker to seriously consider who exactly they surrender to. Perhaps that is an odd thing to say. But consider; this world is a supernatural world in which spiritual warfare is raging whilst this is being read(Ephesians 6:12). This leaves no room whatsoever for us to relax into our selfish conditioning.

If you are not aware of this then remember that the enemy is easily seen if they are wielding an axe … but not so easily discerned if their weapon is complacency. In the later case the “enemy” can even just sit back and watch you destroy yourself as the lies continue to condition you to see that your immediate environment is peaceful, or far from violence, and that it does not matter if you ignore the things of the Spirit.

The second Resh seems to repeat the same challenging question, but with the added emphasis that there is only one head of anything … our Father – the only choice. Anything else will simply not be the truth, so must be put in subjection as we should be.

And then Shin presses home the point that by declaring Abba as my one and only “First” I cut any ties with anything else. Shin offers me a clean severance with a double-edged sword, from all that falls short of the Truth that is Yeshua in person, and in Spirit!

This set of otiot shouts to us that the only Way to Life is by living the Truth. Our verbal declaration that comes with double Resh, also deftly employs the sharp teeth of Shin which specifically and absolutely divides truth from lies.

With this we cannot go wrong! Victory is sure, and swift, and definite. complacency will be put in its place … and we will be left with a peace which passes all understanding (John 14:27), whatever the world may try to throw at us.


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