#Hebrew #Otiot #Word Study – Wait


I was doing some research on the word “Ward”, and found myself going down a surprising route.

Although the Hebrew word “Mishmar” is translated into the English “Ward”, its root word is “Shamar” … which means “to wait” among other things. So lets start there.

Those “other” things include:
To keep
Have charge of
Keep watch and ward
Save life
To watch for
Treasure up (in memory)
Keep the Sabbath/Covenants/Commandments
To be on one’s guard
Take heed
Take care
To keep oneself
To be kept
To keep oneself from
Looking out for (from my own thoughts)
Waiting for revelation (from my own thoughts)

This sounds like quite a responsibility. But for what? And if I ask the question from a supernatural point of view then things become even more intense.

So let us look at the Otiot for “to wait”:

Resh Mem Shin

That is: the head; water; teeth

Their individual meanings inter-twine with each other, therefore should be looked at in that way:

Shin is that which cuts one from another/divides/is sharp or “homes in” on something.
For years my Father has been gradually “removing” worldly attitudes and conditions from my consciousness – and replacing them with a deeper, more abstract, yet more real (if you will) sense of the spiritual realm. However, lets apply Shin to the other otiot – so whilst Shin is the action of cutting , or even pruning, it then separates specific “possibilities” found within the waters of Mem – which then allows Resh to “gather” them and meld them to form “thoughts” over time (hence the need to wait, to tarry).

Mem is a sea or lots of water/it is massive; sustaining;can be overpowering/the redemptive blood of Yeshua/the sea of possibilities (which I think refers to the surface of the Deep/the waters of Genesis 1:2).

“The sea of possibilities” has also been compared to CERN’s Higgs Field in which dwell ALL quantum possibilities – which can then be “extracted”, made to join together (using the Large Hadron Collider), which in turn “collides” possibilities into (in the case of CERN) physical actualities. I cannot help thinking that there is a supernatural element to what CERN is doing, yet ignoring, because they are trying to manifest a human truth bound in the Standard Model of Physics (or even expanding it).

Then comes Resh – the declaration as to who is the head of me/it also means “first” and “thoughts”.

I see here the idea of first “thoughts” being the abstract supernatural “consciousness” of the Father … which is really whatever is before thoughts – and way beyond my understanding!

But I can see that the Fathers “thoughts” could be seen as the Ruah ha’Qodesh (the Holy Spirit)… then that follows that the Ruah here (Resh) being above the waters (Mem) or the sea of possibilities in Genesis (“above” as in authority and power) … and then extracts them, or cuts them away (Shin) to become conscious or actual entities … such as “light”.

This last statement has with it a space/time thing (as revealed by Shin) – which implies doing one thing now (cutting) in preparation to doing something else later (manifesting the Fathers “thoughts” from the waters ie revelation in space/time) … so that means there is a waiting element here as well.

So, a Ward is meant to guard and protect the waters of the Deep by means of continual acknowledgement that the Father is the only one who is hovering over them in power and authority. This is manifest by prayer and worship – exactly what we are made for … and it is to be done at all times, in all ways.


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