Calling #specialist forces armed with #Love and #Grace


My loving Heavenly Father decided to illustrate a call-to-action to me in a prophetic dream that was so realistic, so full … that it felt like it lasted the whole night!

I want to share this with you, to see if you can also gain what I believe is an incredible timely insight into just how conscious we need to be of what is happening around us – and IN us – now.

This is the dream:

The two of us were special forces – and we were expert at what we did. And today was no exception.

We were stealthily approaching a house that needed to be “cleared”. We knew exactly what to do, so we were cool and calm as we faultlessly broke through the untidy defences.

The thing was that we knew all about this house – and its secret, so we easily entered the building and began our ‘mopping-up’ operations – starting with the ground floor.

The adversary was really not equipped to defend or retaliate, so it seemed to take no time at all for me to reach the upper rooms, and for my partner to silently signal that she had completed her part of the task on the lower levels.

All I had to do was to find the last foe, who I guessed was hiding in the last room down the end of the upper hall. I ‘instinctively’ knew he was there … and he would not stand a chance. There would be no leniency here – and no hesitation … I would swiftly enter the room – spot him, and terminate him.

So, like clockwork, as I burst into the room, I instantly saw that it was long, narrow, and dark. Fortunately, the outside light illuminated everything perfectly, which included a long coat rack with some 200 or so mixed overalls on it (coat tops, dungarees, full lengths, and full lengths with attached boots). Without pausing I took a step in, and a step to the left (one – to get away from being a silhouette in the doorway, and two – to move myself into the correct firing position).

At the same moment I knelt down so that I could see if he was hiding among the overalls – keeping a sharp look out for any tell-tale signs like odd-looking shoes, or different coloured trousers.

Sure enough, there he was hunched up among the full lengths looking at something on the floor. Not for long! I fired three times, precision aiming – two for the heart and one for the head. Then, again, without missing a step I ran forward, knelt by him, checked for life – did not find any – returned to the doorway, then leaned out over the rails to give the “all cleaned” sign.

As I casually descended the main stairway I noticed just how pleasant this house was. Strangely, there were no windows that I could see, but the lighting was in all the right places to make one feel at ease.

Then, of course, there was its secret. As we slowly made our way to the front door we began to discuss the tasteful minimalist furniture, and by the time we reach the door the dream began to fade to some time later …

… Which was a kind of rude awakening because …

… We were running down a deserted street, being chased by a group of well armed, and very angry, foes.

This time they were carrying a lot of heavy weapons – some of which would definitely do a lot of damage to a whole building – let alone two lightly armed persons.

But, this was not a surprise to us, so we were not panicking – just running fast!

And we knew exactly where to go … to the house with its secret.

We deftly scaled the outer walls, ran through the beautiful garden, and quickly made our way to the nearest back door, closed it – and locked it with its special security bolts.

Then we knew that we would need to get to the main spacious sitting room.

Once we were there we did not have to wait long till we heard the first inbound missiles. Each one was a direct hit … and there were lots of them.

Each explosion played havoc with the pressure on our ears and stomachs. The noise was almost deafening too. And the ground shook with every detonation.

It was obvious that their “tactic” was to simply flatten the building with us crushed inside – and they had enough munitions to do that a number of times …

… However, I said that this house has a secret.

But, the funny thing is that I cannot truly explain it – other than to say that no matter how hard “they” try to destroy this house – even with the most powerful weapons – nothing, nothing at all will be able to do so. In fact it is the other way round. No matter what destructive forces try to do – the only thing they are successful at destroying is themselves! The house remains totally untouched.

Now, I am sure you thinking that this is very weird – I mean, I am a follower of Yeshua – yet I am relating a rather horrible dream. So, you may be asking, exactly what has this got to do with a loving Heavenly Father.

It is all to do with what is happening around us now, in the twenty-first century.

One could argue that this is the modern age of technology and science, and that biblical times were for ‘back then’. But I do not believe this is the case. In fact I would go as far to say that THESE are the biblical times, and that prophecy is being made manifest right now.

I am convinced that this dream illustrates Ephesians 6:12 and Revelation 12:7 … spiritual warfare on an unpresidented scale (worldwide … and heavenwide!) – affecting EVERYBODY!

The dream is meant to show the indestructible nature of the relationship in Yeshua (the house) … one that is creative and progressive – and unswervingly runs towards the coming perfection. But there is a need for a specific condition to be met … none other than, using the words of Yeshua “Repent, because the Kingdom of Heaven is near!” Even as His follower, this is vital to me – right here – right now!

Which neatly leads me into the next blog which will be an experimental word study relevant to the Otiot for Yehsua’s exhortation “Follow me!” …

… But is that what He was actually saying to people?


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2 Responses to Calling #specialist forces armed with #Love and #Grace

  1. spiritrests says:

    Because the Bible is His Story, our history, we are most definitely somewhere in this book right now, we have to decide where, and Christians differ greatly about this issue, personally I believe we are in the last chapter … which suggests that we should be following Yeshua, but we should be following Him anyway!

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