#Worship #Images – #WIP Works in progress


This is part of a new project, in which I want to investigate the idea of worship using marks on paper (or canvas).

In fact it is the third image I have produced so far.

This particular drawing was drawn during our house-group meeting, during the moments when everyone was either singing or praying in worship to our Elohim.

I want to mention that this is not a drawing of the people worshipping – it is a drawing of the worship itself.

I did not ‘see’ this image … rather I felt it – like experiencing an intense feeling of expectation throughout the body. Almost like an adrenalin rush.

I felt the colours too.

Put another way – this drawing is a passionate response to what ‘witnesses’ I see around me. It is as though my Father places something before me – it can be literally anything … an apple, or a sunrise, or my own hand … and He says “this is how much I love you!” then He reveals something about it that bowls me over.

But this is more than YHWH demonstrating His love for me (and the rest of the world!) … it is a super-natural ‘something’ that affects me so much that I have to respond … it does not matter how much or how little. Like a sunset … it is just there – making no demands. But then again YHWH HAS said if we will be His people – then He will be our Elohim – as simple as that! Of course, that implies that our desire is not only based upon what we say – but also on what we do … even if it means simply gaping in awe at the sky and the clouds making colourful enigmatic formations as the sun sets then saying “Abba – that is sweet!”


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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