#Worship #Images – #WIP work in progress 6


I believe that worship comes in all manner of ways. In fact I would say that it is a very personal and specific thing – to the point that it can be anything from gardening or tidying a room, to sculpting a large piece of public art.

Whilst I was on my honeymoon in the French Alps I spent virtually every morning gazing at the sunrise. It was truly a breath taking experience … and each morning of the two weeks was different. I witnessed the same landscape – but but with just a subtle change in the clouds the whole vista would evoke a unique observation.

I cannot help thinking that although people will say that a rocky landscape is incapable of an act of worship, what was happening here was a definite witness … as though the very hillsides were rejoicing – almost singing – praise to the Creator! “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” Isaiah 55:12

Yet, the act of worship came from me … as a simple and humble response to an incredible event. I could only sit there in awe revelling in what, to me, seemed to be YHWH saying (in His still small voice) “This is how much I love you!” But that is not all.

Accepting Elohim’s love is not just something for me to ‘collect’ – it is not just a catchy phrase … it is totally super-natural in that it effects me – for ever!

Amazingly, this is to do with the coming of light across the land. Even though the Genesis 1 reference “Let there be light” does not refer to illumination of the land (although that is included), rather it appears to manifest the idea of the acquisition of wisdom – by observation … then obedience.

… Which brings us back to this image. This is my idea of melding Genesis 1 with Yeshua’s words “I am the Light of the world!” John 8:12. Looking at these two references I get the strangest feeling that they kind of intertwine … The Word and the Light … In Genesis He was refering to Himself – or rather refering to what He was doing – which He said “was good” (do not forget that the Hebrew mindset is to do with function – NOT object). And I can hardly contain myself when I think that in part Genesis 1 was YHWH revealing an eternal truth – on a level where humans would eventually be able to relate to it – directly. The clue here is to do with how we are effected by sunlight … and we all ARE effected in some way or another. This is a beautiful practical demonstration of a super-natural entity … receiving His love does something totally specific – make us into His likeness ie full of love (the authentic kind!). This then sets me up to be conscious of Him ALL the time. So I do not need to go out and evangelize – I need to go out and do shopping! … with Yeshua … and if I do then He will use me like a glove (Judges 6:34 the literal translation is that the Lord clothed Himself with Gideon … WOAW!) … at ANY time – ALL the time!


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Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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