#Worship #Images – #wip work in progress 7


Even though all the images I draw are responses to Elohim’s outpouring of love, I tend to make abstract marks on the paper … I cannot explain what I ‘sense’ other than something ‘electric’ happens within me, caressing me, and there is a very real feeling of inexplicable movement – as though everything is growing further than my human experience. It is truly wonderful … full of wonder! There is also an adrenalin rush that excites me beyond what my body can understand. All of these find their way into the marks on the paper, and I gradually free myself in worship as I simply accept YHWH’s supernatural way.

As I drew this image the only reasonable description I could form were the words ‘flow’ and ‘torrent’ … but not of liquid … rather of spirit! And amazingly, as I began to manifest this I also became aware of a violent movement – again not of physical material but ethereal, powerful, beautiful, terrible … a word was forming in my head like waking from a dream – I could see it, feel it, but I had to wrestle to bring it into my consciousness … with as much force as I could muster I grabbed at it to bring it into this realm … and as I slowly unfurled my hand I began to ‘see’ the word … just then a small prodding finger at my elbow shocked me into full consciousness … a small child was gazing up at my marks, wide-eyed. “Is it the wind?” I looked at him and laughed – of course it was! the Ruah ha’Qodesh! The Holy Wind!!


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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