#Worship #Images – #wip work in progress 8


We were ambling along the French countryside on our way to the house group meeting.

As I gazed absently out of the window, simply taking in all the love that the Father was showing me – the fields, the birds, the trees, the plants … SUDDENLY! In the blink of an eye I saw ‘it’.

It was like one of those film sequences in which different individual images were flashed onto the screen, one at a time, at a rate of one image per frame (for the technical minded I believe that will be forty images per second!) … only this experience was quicker(ie more images in less than a second), and far more complicated (ie as though I experienced somebody’s whole life in that moment!).

Then Abba spoke to me.

Strange, really, because I did not know what He said!!

But I recognized a ‘something’ … and asked “Was that an example of what you are doing to me (all of us)? Are you showing me ‘chaotic’ jigsaw pieces, animated in an apparent haphazard way – yet are definitely being brought into order? Is that my life?”

The answer was a deafening “Yes!” (if a quiet still voice can BE deafening!).

The rest of the journey was slightly less relaxed.

Then things became clearer as I began to draw the above image during the gathering of about one hundred of us.

The ‘chaotic’ element here is the fine wispy ‘incense’ trails – that ‘randomly’ coalesce into a completeness (which I see as ‘shalom’). This is reached via struggle, persecution (physical – but more so spiritual … battling with far more insidious giants – namely complacency, selfishness, lust, greed, arrogance, pride, lying … all extremely dangerous!), doubt, conditioning …

However, the result? … Is absolute perfection – bathed in love, miracles, the supernatural, healing, prophecy … the authentic apparentness of Him … HERE!


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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