Worship in lines 2


How’s this for a specific instruction/movement/narrative/prophecy over a short period of time:

Last week I was continuing my research into the practical and personal supernatural application of Jesus the Light/Word into my environment. Sometime during the week I became compelled to read Genesis 1 (especially the first few verses) … in ancient Hebrew! So I began … and got as far as “In the beginning” … in fact it was just a case of looking into the word “Begin”. Then things became somewhat abstract – starting with the root for “begin” which is “roache” meaning “to shake” … inexplicable ideas began to form in my mind about the historical idea of YHWH ‘shaking’ an unknowable reality into space and time – and light being the catalyst.

I took these vague notions to our home church and began to participate, with pencil in hand, in beautiful worship. It was a truly blessed time with the presence of Yeshua being felt strongly by a number of us.

Then different things were shared – and the main sharing/teaching was based upon 1 John 1:5-9 “walking in the light”!

I would like to be able to verbalize what was going on in my head but words seem inadequate … all I can say is that I was feeling a strong exhortation swimming around in my head whilst my hands began to produce this image.

Yet, whilst the sense of chaotic abstract frustrated any possibility of speaking coherently (yes – I do speak in tongues but that is for another time – and an interpreter is available), a number of “words” manifested themselves within me … “a past shaking (as in Genesis), “a present shaking” (as in the supernatural manifesting around the world now!), “a future shaking” (as in the creation of the New Heavens and the New Earth – outside of time!!) … “walking in the light – now” … “living by the Truth” … the supernatural purifying blood – of the Light!

… AND somewhere in here is a specific prophecy – ie something that is happening now, or is about to happen … the secret of it is in the Hebrew word Roache (which is Resh Aleph Shin – Aleph is the execution of the highest power and authority/Resh is being first and is the act of thinking (I would say Elohims dynamic thoughts)/Shin is most definitely the cutting away the flesh from the Spirit OW! … if that does not shake anyone then I do not know what will!


About touchdry

Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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