#Supernatural #Weapon #Training for 2017 – part 1

This is vital to take hold of – and understand how to use it.
It is the offensive weapon ‘praise’, and this packs some incredible supernatural abilities, which I think we will need to fully grasp this coming year.
I believe the secret key to using this effectively is by looking at the original Hebrew word pronounced ‘yardah’ YOD DALET HEY.
In the context of praising our Eternal Father – which we should learn to do at all times, whether we feel like it or not (Psalm 9 all of it) – DALET is truly an eye opener, just read this: Revelation 4:1, and bear in mind that DALET means door. So, if we are seeking to praise God then the opportunity is there for us to be in the same situation as John – as long as we are pressing on to perfection and not looking down at our own shortcomings.
But DALET also stands for something else – the Shekhinah Glory (The Father dwelling among us – this is His PROMISE to all who submit to Him). In this context DALET becomes a supernatural vehicle when YOD is acted upon.
How? Amazingly, and simply, YOD is the outstretched arm and hand. And when we lift up our upturned palms to Abba we are physically submitting ourselves to what ever His purpose is for us. At the same time YOD can be the hand of God on us, protecting us, as we read earlier in Psalm 9.
On the other side there is HEY – revelation (the Father revealing Himself to us – specifically!). It is also worshipping in the Spirit, the end result being the same – YHWH manifesting His glory before our very eyes. No wonder YARDAH is a dramatic call to praise our Master and King!
Now, did you notice that each character is a two-way function – from God, to God (Isaiah 55:10,11). This is His Shekhinah glory made manifest. Totally supernatural! You better expect things to happen when you truly praise our Lord!
But I said this is an offensive weapon. What can be more offensive to the father of deception than to be totally ignored while we glory in our Elohim. Satan is simply pushed out of our minds, our hearts are lit up, the brightness reveals the Truth! And we just go from strength to strength – in Him!


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Seeing Jesus Christ and illustrating this phenomenal supernatural demonstrative love
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