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The other day someone came into our gathering and simply said in response to a question on how God can work through us, he said ”Things happen after a two or three-day fast”. When I went to speak to him further he had vanish – and we have not seen him since that one time.
However, it got me thinking about what happens when one fasts. What does it mean anyway? Well, I am sure you will be able to quote the numerous challenging statements from Mark 9:29, Isaiah 58, and a number of other references – all exhorting us to do it right.
So, I had a look at the Hebrew for ‘fasting’, and sure enough, found myself reading with eyes agog as to what was before me.
The supernatural clearly ‘energizes’ what is contained, and seems to be fitting offensive weapon that manifests the Kingdom of Heaven – as we participate. Read this carefully:
The Hebrew word for ‘fast’ is ‘Tsoom’ – Tsade Vav Mem
Vav means to commit oneself. Tsade means to wait. Men means to sustain (perhaps by drinking water!)
But there is more – a lot more!
Let’s go deeper:
Vav means to be committed to the way of the Lord (or to pitch your tent in His camp). And Vav contains precisely what that way is – none other than the Yasher Light (which is the light of righteousness – and remember this ‘light’ is the one referred to by Daniel – chapter 5 verse 11 ”…insight and intelligence and wisdom… ” This is the Aramaic word Naheru). This is the light that descends upon those in submission, and endows them with revelation. … and that changes those who hear (if they have the appropriate ears to hear!).
Tsade means waiting with an attitude that is concentrating upon what is about to be received (and we are not talking physical food). This is the same attitude that ones receives as they ‘receive’ righteousness, because this word is the action of righteousness (not the object of righteousness).
Mem is the character that presses us to question. But it also implies ‘ask and you SHALL receive’. Mem also contains the idea of receiving the Living Water – and being washed in the Blood AND receiving the Word of God… that is letting God’s Word dwell with you richly, which changes us entirely! Paul said ”… Be transformed by the renewal of your mind” Romans 12:2.
Are you beginning to see that ‘fasting’ is not going without food (Isaiah 58), rather it is feasting upon all that our Incredible Father is showering upon us!
So, how offensive is that? I would say pretty offensive seeing as all YHWH pours upon us reveals the eternal Kingdom – AND at the same time destroys every dark so-called stronghold – not so strong eh?


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