#Supernatural #weapon #training #2017 – #offensive weapon #sing

This is a challenging one – to sing … in the Spirit!

It is also a complex but mighty weapon in the right hands.

First off let us get things straight … I am not talking about the necessity of voice training, needing to be tone true, or having an “angelic” voice. I am talking of a person with a desire to worship our Father.

And here is another thing … worship. This is not something we do at particular moments, it is something that SHOULD be done at ALL times. We should never be not worshipping the King.

So, in order to acquire this devastating (to the deceiver) weapon “singing” we must first realise the action of worship.

The Hebrew for “worship” spells it out so precisely: shin chet hey. Chet is the predominant call to action – the call to “go down” into death, then come up into eternal life (the Hebrew word “shakhar” means to prostrate or bow down low … in other words humble yourself before your YHWH – that’s the place where God’s strength is), Chet is a trustworthy shelter where the Good Shepherd keeps the flock safely penned in. Shin then takes us to the next step … the ability to distinguish, or to be on the receiving end of God’s divine power (or His power to divine); This in turn introduces us to the supernatural stance of revelation, for Hey is that very act which is carried out in us as we worship in the Spirit. This secret element puts us in a truly powerful position that opens us up to the movement of the Spirit – which is available to us any time any where … so we must be awake to take it on board – wherever we are.

With such a stance established within us we come to the next incredible step of arming ourselves with the desire to sing … listen carefully – this is like taking off the safety catch of a weapon … it now becomes lethal to any uncleanness surrounding us.

Shore (rolling the r) – this is the Hebrew for “sing”. shin yod resh.

Yod is predominant and is the call to worship (hence my introduction above). The emphasis here (because of its predominance) is to act – to be experiencing such an intensity of worship. Shin then hones in on the specific … ie singing, and distinguishing the difference between singing what is written before you, and singing from what is on your heart … which neatly brings us to resh, for here is the action of a welling up from the innermost parts. This is none other than singing in the Spirit – and the evil one hates it! So yod becomes a defiance that says (or sings) “… enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness” (Acts 4:29).

The final and most devastating part of this is the importance of singing from personal experience. This might sound a bit strange, but find something your Father has most definitely been involved in during a testing time in your life. I’ll give you a quick example: I had an accident a few years ago whereby I fell into a canal and hit my head hard on a concrete block. I should have either drowned from being knocked out; or poisoned from the toxins in the water (a man half my age fell into the canal at another time – he died with 24 hours!); or my head wound should have killed me because of the stuff that entered it from the canal. Three times YHWH saved me … and I shall never stop shouting and sing His protection!!

So – sing to the Lord … NO – Sing your heart out to Him at all times!


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