What is the #Otiot – DALET

This character has so much meaning for me personally – so I want to tell you a little story that I believe illustrates it.

In 1974 I decided I had had enough of western materialism and began my search for God … in India.

I spent the next month on many adventures as I walked (and hitch hiked) my path towards what I thought would be the answers to all my desires.

May I point out that I was definitely NOT a Christian.

Eventually I found myself in a northern Indian village which happened to be the residence for the Dali Lama in exile.

I enrolled in the Dharma School there and began to fathom out the many riddles that this philosophy tantalized me with.

On one particularly challenging day (that is, challenging to my mental state!) I began the dangerous climb up the mountain to my mud hut retreat. As I embarked on a steep incline, I heard a voice behind me. I turned round (which was not easy because of the fact that I was having to use both hands and feet in order to stay on the side of the mountain).

But when I turned to see who it was there was no-one there!

However, the voice was insistent “Do you want to know the truth?” Half shocked, half annoyed, I answered out loud “Of course I do, that is why I am here!”

“Then I will tell you the truth”.

At this point I began to feel a kind of abstract excitement … was I about to actually experience the embodiment of truth – like supernaturally? I licked my lips in anticipation.

” The truth is … you are a fool!”

“What!?” This was not the truth I was expecting! The voice continued …

“You are not just a fool, you are an English one trying to be a Tibetan one, one from a christian mindset trying to be one from a buddhist mindset – you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing …GO HOME!”

So I did! It took a bit of time, and I had to go through a number of situations including deep depression, thoughts of suicide, theft of my air ticket, fun and frolics with immigration …AND I had to move in with my father and mother!

But I will cut this story short by saying that within a year I found myself on my knees before my Saviour, and I gave my life to Him. Ironically, it was He The Truth who found me!

So what has this tale got to do with the Hebrew character DALET?

This character appears to be inspired from DAL – DALET LAMED Strongs H1800
The English translation of this is ‘door’ but I think this is a bit vague. Especially if you look at DAL as the function of dangling.

And if you look further you will find that this character also is relevant to being needy, or poor. This is especially poignant with Jewish Tradition in that the character DALET refers to the impoverished receiving aid from the previous character GIMEL.

This is a bit weird because DALET is also seen as the expression of the SHEKINAH Glory – the very presence of God among His people – but then again there is the same theme to each of these descriptions, which is:

According to Strong H1817 (DELET – DALET LAMED TAU) possibly where the idea of a door comes from – or at least its function. But if you read the other Westernised descriptions you will find what I believe is a more appropriate label – that of a lid. More precisely, the lid of a well. This then enables us to realise the following description that is actually referring to the Glory of God:

The action of letting down a tied bucket through the protective lid of a well down into the water to then bring up the life-sustaining liquid.

OK, I admit that that is a bit of a mouthful – but I do think it bears thinking about because the SHEKINAH Glory is an amazing dynamic that affects us all.

This Glory resides in the midst of the Father, and is not separate from Him. This also contains the idea of light. What does light do? Humanly speaking, sunlight comes from the sun, and that is the same with the SHEKINAH – it emits FROM God, the Jews call it the Yasher Light (that is, the light of righteousness). And when it falls upon humanity it endows us with its valuable commodity – the righteous light, or more specifically, the Word of God! Then we are compelled to do what one usually does when light falls on us – we reflect it! This is called the Chozeh light … or the light of the seer, or the light of prophecy “This is what the Lord says …” and this Word enriches this dark world like no other!

No wonder we are exhorted to speak the word of God …but the secret here is not to speak because it says so in the Bible, but rather it is our Father who puts us in a place of His choosing, in His time, in His way, in order for us to bear the responsibility of simply speaking what is on our heart – which should be nothing short of us passionately WANTING to obey our Father! That way we take a tentative step to falling deeper in love with Him (1 John 5:2,3).

Can you see now why I associate this character with my little story above? It was as though I was down a well, in almost total darkness, and Jesus came and drew me out into the light! And He has not stopped speaking to me, instructing me into the way I have been created to go.

And the call to action? One – to be willing to be led by Yeshua (and the ONLY way to manifest that NOW is to read His commands – and to apply them); Two – to look up (Revelation 4:1 – notice Jesus says “come UP here”) towards Heaven – drop ALL human concerns, and rely upon Him); Three – tell Him you agree – and keep your word … ie sign a covenant with Him …do not forget that this covenant is between two … and He is totally trustworthy to see you safely out of the well of darkness, and into the beautiful supernatural Light!


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