#What is the #Otiot – HEY

Ah, the character of revelation!

HEY is a complex arsenal of powerful call to actions. Let us have a look.

Strongs H1887 ‘behold!’ – at the outset that description appears to be very very simple. It is a command to look – that is it!

But, of course there is more to it than that. Look at what? Who is to look? How is one to look?

But the most important question is ‘what is the moment of revelation?’ because by asking this question we must go to only one place – and that is the very heart of the Father! And this gives us a big clue as to what HEYs function is – that is to worship our wonderful Lord. Then we begin to see that true worship is so much more than singing a few songs or saying pleasant things about God! … Worship reveals itself as … REVELATION!

Just to add to the excitement, HEY is the first of a series of characters that manifest the most fundamental of all Gods attributes … ‘to reveal’. After all, our Father has (and continues to) revealed Himself to us through His Word, through His Son, through His Holy Spirit, through nature, through the heavens , through the universe!

The other characters are the ones that follow HEY. That is VAV, ZAYIN, and CHET – You will hear more about the ‘why’ in each article coming up soon.

But, suffice it to say that HEY is where revelation begins.

Remember that revelation requires a revealer and the one who receives the revelation. Added to this, we must also take into account the context of the revelation. It might just be for the receiver, or, of course, for the receiver to pass it on ie “this is the word of God!!”

No matter what it is, you can be sure that it will entail a necessary action. Therefore, any revelation you receive be sure to put it into practice. If you do not know what action to take, then ask the Father.

There is a certain irony in the last statement above – that of communicating with our Father. Because HEY is the epitome of communication – in fact it is more than that – HEY is the two-way dynamic between Him and us. And this is where we find true revelation – let me explain.

Jesus said that the greatest commandment for His followers was that we must love the Lord our God. (Mark 12:30), and He gave us a new commandment “Love one another” (John 13:34). But how can I love my Father who is in heaven, and how do I love my brother if I am in disagreement with him?

John gives us the secret which we need to take seriously – keep reading it until God opens your eyes to what He is telling you! – 1 John 5:1-3.

The only way to love our Lord, and truly love our brethren is by obeying the Father! That means, for us in the 21st century, that we must first read the commands that Jesus gave to His disciples. Then we must apply them to our lives. We really must! Because, do you not realise that when we obey Him we are actually manifesting love for Him … then it is passed onto our brothers and sisters – naturally, coming from the obedience we have acquired. Then it should become even clearer to us when Jesus truly challenges us further by commanding that we love our enemies! (Matthew 5:44).

This can only be done if the Father reveals the supernatural consequences to us. But we have to begin by taking the step of obedience – then watch out for God moving in ways you might never expect (Joshua 3 – all of it … and be amazed!)

In my view, this is authentic revelation – obeying God! And HEY is its embodiment.

Perhaps, then, it will not surprise you to read that HEY also symbolises Gods grace which, in this case, is a vital call to action that Jesus gave in Matthew 16:24 ” … let him take up his cross …”.

Did you know that the Aramaic for ‘take’ here includes the exhortation to commit insurrection?! In other words Jesus is implying that we violently strive against the establishment … that is the accepted establishment of satan … and the word ‘cross’ here in this context, in Aramaic, means to ‘comfort the afflicted’. He was not talking about the execution – He was talking about the act of empathizing with those who are experiencing humiliation, suffering, problems … and standing with them, warring against the powers of darkness – on their behalf … grace in deed (not grace in theory!). I think that is also an intense demonstration of denying ourselves.


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